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Canadian Honker
Anyone ever heard of the car below, or have any info on it? If
what I have been told is true, you ain't gonna believe it!  More when
I get more info.....(And just goes to show things said 20 years ago
just may come true):

Note the widened Machine wheels on the back of the above car.

Going through some of my old photo's I came across this of the Canadain Honker,
which I believe was the pass that Shawn was refering to. Think it was a small block
Chevy and running Mini Pro at the time.
John Edwards

Here is some info I received:

"Perhaps a brief history of my connection to the SS world.....I knew
a fellow who was racing an AMX in the mid to late '70s in SS/C here
in southern Ontario. His name, Jim Calbery and the car was known
as the "Canadian Honker" (god alone knows where he came up with
that name). The car started out as a new silver '69 390 4spd.
purchased in Milton On. Same old story, Jim started racing it brand
new. For the conversion someone got him in touch with Dave
Landrith (not sure of the correct spelling) at Hurst in Detroit Mi. The
car actually went there but what they did there I don't know. I do
know they built a special intake for the car, sectioning a crossram to
create a spacer for plenum volume, using 2 pristine new cross rams
to create one intake. I still have the heads and Crane roller cam
from the car but all else has been lost. I do have Jim's binders with
all of his notes from Hurst (mostly hand written) the product sheets
for the carbs and distributor and the cam card.
             In the binder there is a picture of the car Hurst was playing
with at that time, a '70 Hornet that had an SS/AMX hood scoop 
mounted (was Shirley's hornet Pro/stock. car built there?). I know
they (Hurst/Landrith) just gave Jim parts to create his SS car, like
the transmission, it was a lower first gear, don't remember if it was
a 2.43 first or a 2.6? something. The scoop came the same way,
but the rear axles were resplined Ford 9inch axles with special wheel
bearings (the part # is in the binder).
              I wish I had taken the time years ago to find out more
but.......oh well! The car was cut up to make a tub chassis gas class 
race car around 1980 and that car still exists today. I guess the
debate about #s of cars built is somewhat irrelevant to me as this
car was not delivered as a Hurst conversion but was a Hurst
conversion just the same. Maybe we can start calling it the #54

"Canadian Honker out of Milton that raced at Cayuga and TID back
in the seventies."

"I remember a wild guy at TID had an AMX, think it was small block
Chev. He put the crank dampener through the front fender one

The car did come down hard and did some damage after scrapping
the bumper.”

Engine was put together by an old boss of mine, George Clements,
in Milton, Ontario.  His father originally owned the Rambler / AMC
dealership, George took over in the late 60's or early '70's.  I
worked for him between 1972 and 1978.  He had already stopped
working on the Honker by then.  
Original dealer was Clements
Motors of Milton, 500 Bronte Street South Milton, ON L9T 2X6.  It
was sold many years ago, it now is a Chrysler dealership, Hunt
Chrysler Dodge.


George Clements is still around but I lost touch with him.  Not sure
where he lives now.  He was an amazing mechanic...”

If this is the same car. It ran at Toronto International drag way in
Acton Ontario years back. I drove the tow truck there. If I remember
right he was from Waterloo. The car was not the best most of the
time but then one weekend he came to the line did a great burn out
staged up hit it and broke a axel right off. The next weekend he was
back  again a great burn out staged up light went green he hit it
hocked up so great lifted the front end way up he took his foot out
of it  down she came.  He rolled to the get off lane never to be seen
again. Drove the front end part way through the fenders”

This picture below came from the same source.  It is Shahan's
Hornet undergoing tests.  SS/AMX scoop, reworked wheelwells, and
eliminated driver's door mirror:


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