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I've added a lot of info to the posts and corrected (hopefully) the typos.  I found

a lot more info on the cars, mainly magazine articles, and will post them here. 

First, here are some articles from 1969-70, when the cars were new and still

actively campaigned with AMC support:
Super Stock Magazine March 1971


Popular Hot Rodding, December 1969
Muscle Car Review May 1999
Popular Hot Rodding, Jan 1970
Anyone have any info on the Javelin in the picture?
Hot Rod December 1971

And here are a number of recent articles.  Please be careful when

you read these as they are filled with misinformation (but if you read

everything here, you should be able to figure it out).
Musclecar Classics October 1998
 Musclecars of the '60s/'70s Spring 1989
Muscle Car Review December 1989

Muscle Car Review April/May 1996
Muscle Cars November 2004
Muscle Cars Sept/Oct 91
Here Hurst SS/AMX #50:  Bill Rodekoph Motors, Inc.
From Muscle Car Motion magazine, Sept/Oct 2003:
This is from an AMO Regional show. Car on the left is the #29 car,
Ricker Motors. Car #45 on the right.


There were a number of decals in the trunk. Here they are:


Not really the decal, but you can see the logo anyway:


And I like these-any others?