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The price of the car on the sticker price label was $5994.  Here is

the price of the car alone as delivered by
AMC to Hurst .  It was a:

AMX          $3297.00

P72A Frost White       N/C

T-931F Vinyl Interior   N/C

315 hp V8 390       123.05

4 speed Trans            N/C

Twin Grip Diff           42.30

4.44:1 axles               4.95

Heavy Duty Cooling 16.05

Heavy Duty Battery    8.45


Total price as delivered to
Hurst: $3491.80 (Note:  this is the

retail price for the car, not the dealer price or the factory

price to make the car).



Here is the price book from AMC that the dealers carried with



There is a $28.10 credit for the deletion of the heater system.  

Interesting that the Heavy Duty Cooling system included the

fan shroud, but it was deleted when delivered.  Also deleted

were the sway bar, one horn, core support rods, hood hinges,

hood latch assembly, grill support, battery tray under hood

(and it is also unpainted under it as it was on the car when

painted), hubcaps, and baffle in front of radiator.  As noted,

the rocker moldings should also be deleted, but we can see

that is not true in every case.  Sound deadener under carpets.



Deleted but replaced by something else: standard pistons

replaced with domed forged pistons (and therefore rings and

wrist pin), intake manifold and carb, (replaced by
STR-11 dual

quad intake and two
Holley carbs, and thus gaskets), air

cleaner (replaced with Velocity Stacks), standard exhaust -

replaced by headers (and was it a smog exhaust?  The

warranty waiver said it was not street legal, and mentioned

it was due to no emissions equipment.  And what about the

rear section of the exhaust pipes? It was two short pipes with

glasspack mufflers.).  Distributor replaced with a Mallory unit,

as well as the coil and plug wires.  Heads machined and

replaced (so needs new gaskets for head and valve covers). 

Flywheel, clutch assembly, bellhousing replaced with

performance items.  Shifter, knob, arms and aluminum shift

plate replaced with performance items.  Rear axles replaced

with forged one-piece axles.  Shocks replaced with

performance shocks, as were the rear springs.



Added to the car were a hood scoop and 4 hood pins.  New

battery cable and battery box assembly, installed in the trunk. 

Apparently, there was no credit for the removed parts (I

wonder where they went?)  I also wonder what they did with

the spare tire? Was it mounted in the trunk with a new

bracket welded to the floor, about where the standard size

Javelin spare would go. No evidence yet, but the Hurst Build

check-off sheet states to install spare. The original bracket

couldn't be used with the battery tray located where it was.



So how much were these parts?  I have a few performance

catalogs from back then-Gratiots from 1972, Honest Charlie

from 73, a Summers Brothers axle catalog (for reference as

I could not find
Henry's axles reference), and lastly a Jocko's

catalog from 1970.  (Jocko once owned the complete Penske

Racing Team 71 Javelin and a trailer full of components). 

Here is what I found:


STR stood for Street Tunnel Ram (STR-11 is for AMC, STR-10

is for Chevy):  


I couldn't find the exact
Holleys, but these should give a close price:

Here is an old eBay auction to give you an idea of selling prices: