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Snapshot List of Hurst SS/AMX cars
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#3 Frisbie Auto Repair/Patriot 1
#5 Automaster/Nickey's Nash
#6 George Warren
#8 Blossomland AM-X-citer
#9 Big Menace
SS/AMX #10
#11 Bob Bundy/Cotton Candy
#12 Gold Digger
#13 Felts Motors
#14 Bonanza AMX III
#15 The Frog
#16 Wentworth & Irwin/Little Bossa Nova II
#17 McCorkle Bros.
SS/AMX #18
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#20 Swad/Whinery Toonerville Performance
#22 Flemington Rambler/Trans End
#23 Twin Cities/Performance Automotive
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#41 Nolt Rambler/Mylins
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#46 Second Attempt, Go Package
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#49 Eastland AMC/Camrisers/Michigan Dealers Assoc.
#50 Kansas City AMC/Rodekopf
#51 American Way
#52 American Dream
#41 Nolt Rambler/Mylins
Nolt Rambler

Hurst SS/AMX #41
1969 VIN: A9M397X213600   
1970 VIN: A0M397X183231 (1970 #23)
Hurst Build #:
Dash Number:
Original Color: White
1969 Selling Dealer: Nolt Rambler
                                 1612 Lincoln Highway
                                 Lancaster, PA

1970 Selling Dealer: Nolt Rambler
                                 1612 Lincoln Highway
                                 Lancaster, PA

Here is the original Certificate of Origin (Note transfer date of 
March 8, 1969)

Name: Nolt Rambler (1969)
Owner: Nolt Rambler
Driver: Ross Gilbert
Best ET/MPH: 10.40/130mph Maple Grove Raceway,
Sponsor: Nolt Rambler
Location: Lancaster. PA
Misc: Hurst Build #40
NHRA Events:
(Nolt also campaigned an AMX before the Hurst program) I talked to
Ross Gilbert and he told me heand another guy drove to Michigan
to pick up this car. When he got there he was given the car number
(40) and they had to go to the warehouse with the trailer to pick up
the car and trailer it back to Nolt. He liked the car but not the shifter,
and requested they buy a new shifter for the car. Joe Nolt refused
so Gilbert left. John Mylins owned a local speed shop and then
drove the car for Nolt. Nolt Rambler stayed in business until after
1988 when Chrysler bought them out. The Chrysler/Jeep brand is
now known as Brubaker Chrysler/Jeep in Lancaster. The original
site of Nolt Rambler was torn down and the property is now a
pharmacy and Turkey Hill convenience store and gas station.

Name: Mylins Performance (1969-1972)
Owner: Harold Reinhart (78-80)
Driver: John Mylins (1938-2009)
Best ET/MPH: 10.40/130mph
Sponsor: Nolt Rambler, Mylins Performance 
Location: Lancaster, PA
Misc: Change to 70 then back again
NHRA Events: 1970 Super Stock Nationals



Name: ? (1972-1978)
Best ET/MPH:
NHRA Events
Name: Mighty Mite
Owner: Harold Reinhart (78-80)
Driver: Harold Reinhart
Best ET/MPH: 
Sponsor: Sponsored Race Engines, Inc.
Location: Shoemakersville, PA 
NHRA Events:


Name: AMX Magic
Owner: Ray Pinto (80-87)
Driver: Ray Pinto
Best ET/MPH: 10.03/ 
Location: Cocoa Beach, FL
NHRA Events:
From Mike Pinto on
" thought I'd share my conversation today about S/S AMX's
with my grandfather (Ray Pinto). All of this was years ago,
probably late 70's. Regarding the AMX Magic, the car was
called Mighty Mite when he bought it and was less engine
and trans for $2500. It had a Dana rear and was generally 
used up. He bought a second AMX around the same time
which was a 68 "S/S Clone". It had all of the right parts but
68 door panels. He couldn't remember the VIN but he is
going to look for the paperwork. Anyways, this "clone"
donated it's engine, trans, etc to the Magic. He had Mike Therber 
paint the car, which took over 6 months. It had to
be basecoated in silver and gold and then sprayed with real
Kandy paint, in red, orange, and maroon. The car ended up
with 6 total colors and looked amazing. He raced it for quite
a few years but ended building a back-halfed car (The
Ramblin Nash, a Silver AMX) and sold of the Magic to
Scandinavia, which was well into the late 80's, possibly
early 90's. He had the car somewhere between 10-20
years? The "clone" was trashed bodywise and was crushed eventually."


Owner: Harri Valkeamaki (88-99)
Driver: Harri Valkeamaki 
Best ET/MPH: 
Location: Finland
NHRA Events:

Owner: (99-present)
Best ET/MPH:
Location: Finland
NHRA Events:
Painted to resemble the Mylins Nolt Rambler scheme.




Here is an article on the Nolt race car prior to the Hurst SS/AMX:

Original Nolt Rambler car from 1968: