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Hurst SS/AMX #?A
1969 VIN: A9M397X213xxx
1970 VIN: A0M397X183226 (1970 #18)
Hurst Build #:
Dash Number:  
Original Color: RWB
1969 Selling Dealer: Mack Massey Rambler Inc
                             6318 Montana Avenue 
                             El Paso, TX 79902
                             Attn: Mack Massey Jr-Tom Shelton

1970 Selling Dealer: Mack Massey Rambler Inc
                             6318 Montana Avenue 
                             El Paso, TX 79902

 photo cFb20tC_zps9652fb22.jpg

Name: Uncle Sam
Owner: Mack Massey Motors (1969-71)
Driver: Tom Shelton/Dennis Kincaid
Best ET/MPH: 12.20/111
Sponsor: Mack Massey Rambler
Location: TX 
Misc: They were the speed record holder at the AHRA National in 
            Tucson in 1969. 
            Converted to 70. 
NHRA Event: 1970 Springnationals, 1970 Winternationals



Uncle Sam was ordered by Mack Massey Jr and is 1 of only 52 Super Stock

AMXs produced. Because of production rules of the NHRA at the time

manufactures had to produce at least 50 units to be legal for competition.

Mack Massey is in the classic car salesman jacket standing next to Joe Ortega.

Joe was a mechanic at Mack’s dealership & chief wrench on Uncle Sam along

with Shelton. The car is in 1970 trim in this picture above.

The car's original driver was Tom Shelton. The above pic is Dennis Kincaid

second driver of the car (still with Joe Ortega tuning) who ran the car from

1969 thru 1971.

Bonnie Shelton (Tom’s wife) also drag raced AMC factory sponsored racers.

First, an orange and black AMC Rebel and later a red, white, and blue Rebel

(both cars bought by them from Mack Massey)

At the old AHRA National in Tucson in 1969 they were the speed

record holder

Tom Shelton left in 70 to race a gas dragster with a big injected cubic

inch AMC motor. (That motor went on to be owned by Rick Bennet

now Ray Griffin has it.)

Uncle Sam received a 1970 make over to run in Super Stock as a

1970. They changed the hood, grill, dash, emblems, and taillights.

But that year there were so few of them, they had to run A/Gas for

a while.

Name: Uncle Sam
Owner: Ray Griffin (1971-)
Driver: Ray Griffin
Best ET/MPH: 
Location: TX 
Misc: In 1971 it was purchased by Ray Griffin who raced it and
later sold it.

This pic is said to be taken while Ray Griffin owned and raced it-

Notice the "UNCLE SAM" lettering is smaller 

Outside lane versus Pete's Patriot: