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Snapshot List of Hurst SS/AMX cars
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SS/AMX #10
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#12 Gold Digger
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#17 McCorkle Bros.
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#52 American Dream
#17 McCorkle Bros.
McCorkle Bros.

Hurst SS/AMX #17
1969 VIN: A9M397X213576
1970 VIN: A0M397X183217 (1970 #9)
Hurst Build #:13

Dash Number: 
Original Color: RWB
1969 Selling Dealer: Northeast Rambler                        
                                 Dealer Number: 10-6427 
                                 3490 Shallowford Road                
                  Chamblee, GA 30005
                                 Attn: R E Whiten

1970 Owners: Robert McCorkle
                        9 Danberry Court
                        Greenville, SC 29607

Northeast Rambler was the largest AMC dealer in the east.  They
also sponsored George Warren's Hurst Super Stock AMX #6.

Here is a dealer sticker on a 1972 Javelin:

Name: McCorkle Bros.  
Owner: Randy and Robert McCorkle (1969-71)
Driver: Randy McCorkle (1943-2007)
Best ET/MPH: 
Sponsor: Northeast Rambler and Nichols Speed, Greenville, SC
Location: Greenville, SC
Misc: Hurst car #13. Converted to 70, then back.
NHRA Events:

Randy wanted to buy one of these cars after he saw the Pete's
Patriot Hurst Super Stock (#39) AMX at Indy.  He went to Northeast
Rambler with his twin brother Robert to pick up the car.  It had been
sitting at the dealership outside and unsold for almost 8 months.  
The butterflies in the carbs were rusted in place! The owner of the
dealership was Bobby Whiten and he agreed to sponsor the car.
Peter Nichols of Nichols Speed, Greenville, SC also agreed to help.
Robert stated there were a lot of problems with the car, and often
couldn't get more than 6 runs without breaking something, usually
the rearend or trans. A highlight was a match race with Shirley
Shahan and the Drag-On Lady at Dallas Dragway, Dallas County,
GA.  Randy won 3 out of 3 races! 

When AMC sent the 70 change-over kit it was installed on the car,
only to come off a few weeks later when the NHRA said no. Randy
put the seats in his pick-up truck.  The car was sold as a roller in
1971.  They had plans of putting a small block Chevy in it, but that
never happened.  Robert was getting his pilot's license at the time
and he flew the drivetrain out to Atlantic American in VA to be
installed in the AMX-1 Hurst Super Stock AMX (#31). They got $500
for the complete engine/trans and components!

First time out:
Tom, this picture was taken the very first outing of our car(SS/17) at Ware Shoals Dragway Thanksgiving day 1969 –

(Photo by Robert McCorkle, original owner)


In 1970 trim (converted back to 69 trim in 1971 for a match race with Shirley
And here is Randy:
And both brothers at a Hurst SS/AMX reunion, 2002: 

"The best thing AMC should have done, is ship the engines in pieces
with the cars, but, of course, that didn't happen. Randy and I drove
the car on the street for about a month after we got it (just to test it
a little-LOL). It came with Crane heads, JE pistons, Doug's headers,
and, of course, the cross-ram (stock AMC Cam). We used a Crane
roller, and the first time out with the car, we went 10.28/129
winning an NAAR "World" Championship at Jackson, S. C., beating
the Barnette Bros. Hemi in the final. We also tried a set of Jensen
Heads, and picked up the E.T. I guess the 2 most gratifying wins
we had were against Ronnie Sox in the finals for the U.S. Open
Championship at Rockingham, N.C. in the Spring of 1970 - the other
was a match-race against Shirley Shahan in Atlanta at the National
AMC convention gathering - Randy beat Shirley 3 of 3 races at
Dallas County Dragway.
Our car had #13 on the placard, so I always thought it was #13
until I was re-directed by Mike Weaver et al.
I could, and have, told some pretty good stories about our "adventures".

Robert McCorkle"

"Thanks, Guys - Randy and a friend who helped us with our cars,
went to Indy for the US Nationals the year Lou Downing won - He
met Lou, and a contingent of AMC performance people as well as
dealers while there, and made a deal sitting on a bar stool for our
car - the car was located at Northeast Rambler in Chamblee (Atlanta)
- Bobby Whiten (the dealer) was a very young, energetic up and
coming dealer, and loved Randy to death. We have remained friends
through the years - he came to the hospital to see Randy when he
was dying, and also came to the "Memorial". We had made a
reputation as winners in the Modified Production class in NHRA, set
many national records, won several divisional races (small block
302), so we had a resume.
The car was fairly impressive as a street car - it had little thrush
mufflers on it and a mini tail pipe, so it was "streetable". We wound
up transforming the engine with a factory supplied Crankshaft
assembly rods and pistons (427 Chevy Rods) - not many people are
aware of that "upgrade" and we kept it under our hats - saved a lot
of engines - in fact, we only popped one, and that was on purpose -
Randy got pissed because it had water in the oil, so he took it
outside the shop and held it on the floor til it popped - he was good
at that !! (LOL).
The U.S. Open we won at Rockingham was in 1971 instead of 1970
- I just looked at the trophy. I take the trophy to GAD with me
every year.

Robert M"

"One other thing I thought was kinda cool - When we won that
Rockingham Race, a guy came up to us and ask if we'd like to try a
set of his "new-Tech" headers - we said sure - he said he'd bring a
set of them for our li'l Rambler to Bristol in about a month for the
next race. That's the last we thought about that offer. We got to
Bristol, teched through, looked up, and saw a Cadillac convertible
coming down pit road toward us, and realized that in the back seat,
was a set of fenderwell 2" headers (for us). I don't remember the
guys name, but he was the originator of "JR" headers - they picked
us up a bunch -

Robert M"

From Drag News:


And another:

Owner: John Barton
Best ET/MPH: 
Location: SC
NHRA Events:

Owner: Earl Nix
Best ET/MPH: 
Location: SC
NHRA Events:
Owner: Skip Martin
Best ET/MPH: 
Sponsor: Milo Auto Parts
Location: SC
NHRA Events:
Name:  McCorkle Bros.
Owner: Jim Mimbs
Best ET/MPH: 
Location: GA
Misc: Restored the car to current looks.
NHRA Events:
Name:  McCorkle Bros.
Best ET/MPH: 
Location: MN
NHRA Events:
Name: McCorkle Bros. 
Best ET/MPH: 
Location: PA
NHRA Events:


And Robert's current ride (not an original Hurst SS/AMX):