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Snapshot List of Hurst SS/AMX cars
#1 American Image/Lakeview Rambler/AMC
#3 Frisbie Auto Repair/Patriot 1
#5 Automaster/Nickey's Nash
#6 George Warren
#8 Blossomland AM-X-citer
#9 Big Menace
SS/AMX #10
#11 Bob Bundy/Cotton Candy
#12 Gold Digger
#13 Felts Motors
#14 Bonanza AMX III
#15 The Frog
#16 Wentworth & Irwin/Little Bossa Nova II
#17 McCorkle Bros.
SS/AMX #18
#19 S & K
#20 Swad/Whinery Toonerville Performance
#22 Flemington Rambler/Trans End
#23 Twin Cities/Performance Automotive
SS/AMX #24
SS/AMX #25
#26 Sheriff of Nottingham
SS/AMX #27
SS/AMX #28
#29 Ricker Motors
#30 Jimmy Walker
#31 AMX-1
#32 Wicked and Wild
#33 Carlile Motors
#34 Underdog
#35 Drag-On Lady
#36 Kim Nagle
#37 Miss Vi
#38 Buran Hustler
#39 Pete's Patriot
#40 Mission Impossible/Jones Rambler
#41 Nolt Rambler/Mylins
#42 AMXecutioner
#43 American Revolution
#44 Old Reliable
#45 Patriot's Pride/Capt. America
#46 Second Attempt, Go Package
#47 Super Stinger/Old Pro
#48 Goben Cars
#49 Eastland AMC/Camrisers/Michigan Dealers Assoc.
#50 Kansas City AMC/Rodekopf
#51 American Way
#52 American Dream
#8 Blossomland AM-X-citer
Blossomland Motors / AMX-Citer

Hurst SS/AMX #8
1969 VIN: A9M397X213567
1970 VIN: A0M397X183218 (1970 #10)
Hurst Build #:
Dash Number: 

1969 Selling Dealer:
 Blossomland Motors (1965-72)
                             (owners Charles S. Magner & Bud S. Skelley)
                             1529 Highway M-139 S
                             Benton Harbor, MI 49022
                             Attn: Bud Skelly

1970 Selling Dealer: Blossomland Motors (1965-72)
                             1529 Highway M-139 S
                             Benton Harbor, MI 49022


Here it is today:

Name: AMX-Citer
Owner: Bud Skelley/Chuck Magner (1969-1975)
Driver: Carl Starner (1947-2009)/ Rick Ingles
Best ET/MPH: 10.82
Sponsor: Blossomland Motors
Location: Benton Harbor, MI
NHRA Events: 1969 Indy Nationals 


Note Bud Skelley's name removed from the door.






And here is the car with bumper guards. Obviously added by the owner.

Comments/History from Carl Starner (as posted on the website):
"The original owner's name was Bud Skelley. When the car was received, I was hired by Bud to do the wrench work along with Rick Ingles, who was the driver the first year.  In the fall of 1969 Rick left the dealership and moved to Grand Rapids.  At that time Bud was thinking of selling the car and asked me to get the car ready in the early spring to take to a strip in Indiana, which I did thinking he would try to sell the car . He asked me to drive the car at that meet.  I drove the car and we won the event and turned our first run in the 10's.  It was a 10.92.  The next day the car was no longer for sale and I was put in the drivers seat . The car was run first with a Isky camshaft, Doug's headers, a 4:44 rear end, Cragar mags, and a T-10 transmission with a 264 low gear.  In 1970 we switched to a Crane roller camshaft, a 5:00 rear gear, taller Goodyear slicks and did some modifications to the rear end housing.  The car did not come with a dropout crossmember but we converted ours to one for faster engine maintenance. We changed the headers to JR's and did lots of playing with the length of the collectors, finding huge changes in mph and low end hp. These cars where a ball to drive...they launched so hard with the wheels in the air. One of the things that I remember most, people at the strip saying "What's that, a Rambler? What do they think they are going to do with that?"  Then you would fire the engine, that got there attention, do a burn out, pull to the line and launch with the wheels in the air. The car was run through the 1970 season in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.   Our best ET. was 10.82. Bud closed the dealership in the late fall and the car was sold.   Thinking back I remember how much fun these cars where!! "
Chuck Magner of Bradenton, FLA. Before moving to Florida, Chuck owned Blossomland Motors, the AMC franchise in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Actually, Carl Starner was not the original driver of the AMX-Citer, it was Rick Ingle. Rick was the service manager until he left and Carl became the second driver.
The pictures in the memorial I have copies of. I got them from Bud Skelley's daughter. The photo's you see is not the original paint scheme. The original paint was plain, mostly white with red and blue accents. I like the second paint scheme.
My Dad is up from Florida and will ask him some questions on the car. He is
81 now. My Dad was against ordering the AMX. Bud and my Dad were partners, Bud the President and my Dad V.P. My Dad agreed to keep the car
1 year max. After the year, Bud refused to sell it. The partnership went down
hill from their. My Dad contends it was costing more than it was bringing in sales.
My Dad left the Dealership in 1971, selling off to Bud. The dealership went into bankruptcy in 1972, my Dad claims he never received a dime from Bud. They did not speak for years, then at a mall car show when I had my 47 NASH inside, Bud and my Dad ran into each other and were like long time friends. Bud lives somewhere in Arizona, had a stroke or heart attack some years ago and is not doing real well.
The best years of my life was having a Dad as a Rambler Dealer! I was only 11 when the AMX-Citer arrived, but can remember it like yesterday!
My Dad drove the first Marlin, Javelin, AMX, SC/Rambler into town. I told him I would own one some day. I have a red/black 65 Marlin, red 68 AMX and B paint SC/Rambler just like the ones he drove home when they came just took me awhile to get them! I am re-living my childhood!
J.W. Magner 
 P.S.: Where did you find the first Gremlin delivery article? My Dad was just talking about this a few days before you sent this that he quoted the exact date he drove that car in from the Detroit zone office. He is going to love seeing this!"

Name: Ketcham Brothers
Best ET/MPH: 
NHRA Events




Best ET/MPH: 



NHRA Events:

Here is a car Rick Ingles drove before the AMX:


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